SP bus drivers and collectors again paralyze activities this Wednesday; caster is suspended | Sao Paulo

In an assembly, bus drivers and collectors from the capital of São Paulo decided, on the afternoon of this Tuesday (28), to paralyze activities again from 0:00 am this Wednesday (29). The category had already stopped two weeks ago.

The unanimous decision was taken at a meeting at the Sindmotoristas headquarters, in Liberdade, in the central region.

The stoppage affects most of the bus lines, which led the city of São Paulo to suspend the rotation of vehicles in the city.

The Secretariat of Metropolitan Transport informed that, “to serve the citizens of the city of São Paulo, it will anticipate the offer of trains in circulation and extend the peak hours. Metrô, CPTM, ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade will have reserve trains in operational conditions in all lines to meet demand”.

EMTU has already informed that it will be able to provide support to SPtrans through the Paese system if requested.

Bus drivers and conductors announce a new 24-hour stoppage starting at 0:00 am this Wednesday — Photo: Abraão Cruz/TV Globo

Lines at a standstill and lines in operations

The strike began in the early hours of Wednesday. According to SPTrans, the Night operation had 62 lines in operation until around 4 am, and 88 inoperative at the same time – this number fluctuated during the night.

List of companies with the Noturno lines paralyzed, according to SPTtrans:

  • Mobibrasil (South Zone)
  • Black Cat (North Zone)
  • Metropolis (East Zone)
  • Grajaú bus (South Zone)
  • Transpass (West Zone)
  • Black Cat (West Zone)
  • Via Sudeste (East Zone)
  • Santa Brigida (North Zone)
  • KBPX (West Zone)
  • Environmental (East Zone)
  • Campo Belo (South Zone)
  • Gatusa (South Zone)
  • Metropolis (South Zone)

List of companies with the Noturno lines partially operating:

List of companies with the Noturno lines operating normally:

  • Express (East Zone)
  • Norte Buss (North Zone)
  • Spencer (North Zone)
  • Transunion (East Zone)
  • UPBUS (East Zone)
  • Peach (East Zone)
  • Allibus (East Zone)
  • Transunion (Southeast Zone)
  • MoveBuss (East Zone)
  • A2 Transport (South Zone)
  • Transwolff (South Zone)
  • Transcap (West Zone)
  • Alfa Rodobus (West Zone)

On the 14th, bus drivers and collectors in the city of São Paulo went on strike and all buses in the so-called structural system stopped. The stoppage affected 713 lines and 6,500 buses, which would carry 1.5 million passengers at the morning’s peak. According to SPTrans, the buses of the local system circulated.

Despite the employers’ union having guaranteed the salary adjustment of 12.47% after the last stoppage, workers argue that other demands of the category, such as paid lunch time, PLR and career plans, were not met.

“Two months have passed since our negotiations, and the bosses have shown themselves to be intransigent, asking for deadlines, patience and delaying decisions. The category is tired of this bullshit”, said the acting president of the union, Valmir Santana da Paz (Sorriso).

According to SPTrans, the judicial decision of the previous strike remains in force. So, there must be a minimum of 80% of the fleet circulating during peak hours and at least 60% during the rest of the day. In case of non-compliance, a fine of R$ 50 thousand is foreseen.

The São Paulo Urban Collective Transport Companies Union (SPUrbanuss) “deplored this stoppage of bus drivers and collectors, with terrible consequences for the mobility of the population”.

The City of São Paulo, through SPTrans, also regretted the declaration of a strike even before the judgment on the merits by the Regional Labor Court.

“The manager will monitor the fleet from the first minute of the morning to inform passengers of São Paulo through its official channels about the situation at the moment. SPTrans continues to monitor the negotiation between businessmen and workers and expects a brief resolution between the parties, to that the population of São Paulo is not penalized”, says the note.

In a petition, SPTrans asked the Labor Court to declare the abusive nature of the strike, to impose a fine immediately. According to the mayor, this second strike is “irresponsible”.

The judgment of the collective bargaining of the category is scheduled to take place this Wednesday at 15:00.

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