The weather between Ana Maria Braga and Louro Mané is not at all friendly

Credit: Reproduction / TV Globo

The atmosphere between Ana Maria Braga and Louro Mané is not at all friendly (Credit: Reproduction/TV Globo)

The atmosphere is not good at Globo’s “Mais Você” studio in São Paulo. According to sources this is people, Ana Maria Braga it’s the Louro Mané (played by actor Fabio Caniatto), son of the late blond Jose, would be experiencing some ‘affinity mismatches’ during the morning attraction.

In recent weeks, the presenter left the puppet in a vacuum (talking to itself) when he spoke on certain guidelines. One during the interview with ex-BBB Rodrigo Mussi and another with other guests of the program.

We were informed that the production of “Mais Você” would be giving touches to Ana Maria – so that it does not generate a repercussion in the media and among internet users on social networks about the lack of integration of co-workers.

At the beginning of April this year, Louro Mané arrived at the attraction to replace Louro José, played by Tom Veiga, who died in November 2020 as a result of a stroke. It is worth remembering that when it was speculated that there would be a new doll in the morning, Ana Maria would not have liked the idea very much, but ended up complying due to orders from the direction of the station.

Fabio Caniatto, the artist behind the puppet, has a current contract with TV Globo until 2023. He is a researcher on masks and puppet manipulation, he was an actor in the children’s series “Que Monstro Te Mordeu” (TV Cultura/Primo Filmes), artistic advisor and light designer for the “Fábricas de Cultura” Program, of the Secretary of Culture of the State of São Paulo. Sao Paulo.

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