This optical illusion will make you VERY scared

Optical illusion images are back in vogue, and apparently they’re not going away anytime soon. Recently, the image that we will see next went viral on the application TikTok, of another optical illusion, this time: the optical illusion of a scary face. The response from netizens was immense, all revealing that they were very scared by what they saw.

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Learn more about this spooky optical illusion:

Optical illusions are images that play with your brain by involving it with “gotchas”, images that can get multiple interpretations. Therefore, they play with many cognitive abilities of your brain.

In this aspect, they end up involving countless mental receptors, relating colors, lights, patterns necessary to create visuals that do not exist in reality. However, this is not a hallucination either, as this is the mind when it is able to regularly imagine sequences and situations, but only a momentary effect.

If you have heart problems, we do not recommend that you try this I cook at home, because the scare comes strong! Some netizens have revealed that they almost had a heart attack, so be very careful when trying this optical illusion at home!

To be able to be surprised by this optical illusion, you will need some rules to follow:

  1. Before looking at the image, close your eyes for 5 seconds.
  2. Then open them and focus on the red dot for 20 seconds.
  3. Now take your eyes off the dot, look at the smooth wall in front of you blinking continuously
  4. You are not alone, now you will be visited by your own brain’s imagination.

Understanding the rules, now look at the following image:

Scary face optical illusion.

That alone is a frightening image, with green tear-like features seen under her eyes. In addition to the central red dot, which you should also focus on.

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