Tocantins records 1,198 more new cases of Covid and four deaths from the disease | Tocantins

Tocantins recorded 1,198 cases of Covid-19 this Tuesday (28), of which 634 were recorded in the last 24 hours. According to the State Department of Health (SES), four deaths were reported. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state has added 318,441 confirmations and 4,162 deaths.

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SES reported that due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 in Tocantins, the epidemiological bulletins will be released again daily, on working days. This Monday (27), the bulletin, which until then was being weekly, recorded 5,500 diagnoses in a week.

Most of the deaths occurred this month. The victims are:

  • Female, 78 years old, resident of Gurupi. Comorbidities: hypertension. Death on 06/16/2022 at the UPA Dr. Marcia Mucky in Gurupi.
  • Male, 81 years old, resident of Gurupi. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 06/19/2022 at the UPA Dr. Marcia Mucky in Gurupi.
  • Male, 74 years old, resident of Chapada da Natividade. Comorbidities: not reported, Death on 06/21/2022 at home.
  • Female, 88 years old, resident of Porto Nacional. Comorbidities: hypertension, chronic heart disease. Death on 02/04/2022 at his own home.

Palmas was the city that had the most diagnoses this Tuesday (28), with 304. Paraíso recorded 115 cases and Araguaína 112.

All 139 municipalities in Tocantins have confirmed cases of the disease. See below the 10 cities most affected by the pandemic. The complete list can be checked on the website about coronavirus of the State Department of Health.

Of the total cases, 310,842 patients have recovered and 3,437 have the active virus. In all, 43 people are hospitalized because of the disease, 17 of which are being treated in public ICU beds and two in the private network. The other patients are in public and private clinical beds.

In Tocantins, four patients are on the waiting list for a Covid ICU bed and three in a Pediatric ICU bed. The patients are from Rio dos Bois, Araguaína, Palmas and Natividade.

Vaccination against coronavirus

According to data from Vacinómetro, a page that monitors immunization in Tocantins, the state received 3,241,055 doses of vaccines from the Ministry of Health, of which 3,046,635 doses were distributed to municipalities and 2,567,656 were applied.

There are 1,146,136 referring to the application of the first dose, 954,289 of the second dose of the vaccine and 53,205 of the single dose. In addition, 395,473 people received the booster dose. The page with the information was updated on Tuesday (28).

Occupation of Covid ICU beds in hospitals

  • Instituto Sinai Araguaína – 70% occupancy
  • Instituto Sinai Palmas – 83% occupancy

Hospital statistics data were updated on Tuesday (28). Information can be found here.

Cities most affected by the pandemic

  • Palmas – 78,251 cases and 728 deaths
  • Araguaína – 47,396 cases and 600 deaths
  • Gurupi – 22,130 cases and 288 deaths
  • Porto Nacional – 14,442 cases and 220 deaths
  • Paraíso do Tocantins – 12,453 cases and 210 deaths
  • Colinas do Tocantins – 9,636 cases and 165 deaths
  • Formoso do Araguaia – 4,748 cases and 72 deaths
  • Guaraí – 3,997 cases and 83 deaths
  • Miranorte – 3,766 cases and 62 deaths
  • Tocantinópolis – 3,555 cases and 60 deaths

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