US doubts that Ukrainian territory will be like before

The US government no longer has confidence that Ukraine will regain territories lost to Russia in the war, White House officials told CNN.

The scenario assessment comes as Russian forces advance in the Lysychansk region, the last major city still controlled by Ukrainian troops in Luhansk province and a new Kremlin battlefield target after the fall of neighboring Sievierodonetsk over the weekend. .

Despite the US still approving military aid for Ukraine, as well as other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allied countries, the scenario of Russian advance in the east of the country has generated significant losses of soldiers – with numbers reaching 100 dead. per day — and rapid loss of weapons received, which also require training by Ukrainian forces to be able to operate them.

According to CNN, it is this scenario that has changed the US climate and generated conversations about a Ukraine with reduced territory.

Map Russia invades Ukraine - 26.02.2022 - Arte UOL - Arte UOL
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Ukraine has repeatedly stated that it will not cede any territory. Negotiations between the two countries were interrupted, with no sign of resumption. Russia, for its part, says the conflict could be ended “in one day” if Ukraine surrenders on Kremlin terms.

“[A Ucrânia] must order nationalist units to surrender weapons, order Ukrainian soldiers to surrender weapons, and all conditions set by Russia must be applied. Then it will all be over in one day,” said Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, yesterday.

Kherson to hold referendum to annex Russia

About that, KhersonUkraine’s second-largest city after Kiev, is expected to “soon” hold a referendum with the population for possible annexation to Russia, Kirill Stremousov, the deputy head of the municipality’s military occupation government, said on Telegram.

“The Kherson region will make a decision and join the Russian Federation. It will become a fully-fledged entity that can be like a single state in which the people of Russia live as a single family,” Stremousov said during an interview published in your channel.

Yesterday, Stremousov disclosed that the mayor of Kherson, Igor Kolykhaev, was arrested by Russian forces and their separatist allies. Kolykhaev was overthrown by Russian forces that conquered the region in April.

Kherson was one of the last places where the Russians were successful in their military offensive. The municipality is in the north of Crimea, a territory that has been controlled by Russia since 2014.

New attacks on Mykolaiv

At least one residential building was hit by a series of Russian artillery attacks in the town of Mykolaiv today, local officials say. Three people would have died.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the attacks and said they had targeted eight ammunition depots and a fuel depot in the Mykolaiv region, as well as a Ukrainian military training base for “foreign mercenaries” near the city.

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