Videos: Boca Juniors fans are arrested in SP for racist acts and apology for Nazism during a game against Corinthians in SP | Sao Paulo

At least three fans Boca Juniors were arrested by Military Police (PM) on suspicion of committing racist acts and apology for Nazism, on Tuesday night (28), during the match between the Argentine team and the Corinthiansat the Brazilian team’s stadium, the Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo.

THE Secretary of Public Security (SSP) confirmed the arrest in a note sent to the g1 (read the full statement below).

According to TV Globo it’s the gevideos recorded by Corinthians fans show two of these Argentines imitating monkeys and another fan doing the Nazi salute (look above). The first two were indicted by the Civil police per racial slur; the third Argentine will answer for racism.

Boca Juniors fan detained for Nazi act — Photo: Henrique Toth/ge

According to the Security Ministry, the trio was taken to a police station in the capital. And then it would go to a custody hearing in the Court, which will decide whether they will continue to be detained or not.

Boca Júnior fan is arrested on suspicion of racist acts – Photo: Henrique Toth/ge

The gestures of the Argentines were directed to the Corinthians. It is possible to hear Corinthians fans reacting and calling Boca fans “racist” and asking to call “the police”.

Corinthians and Boca faced each other for the first match of the eighth final stage of the Liberators. The game ended in a goalless draw. The two teams will face each other again on July 5th in Argentina.

“Three men were arrested in the act, two for racial slur and one for racism, on the night of this Tuesday (28) in a football stadium, in Itaquera, east of the capital. Police for Repression of Sports Intolerance Crimes (DRADE), where the case was registered. [DOPE (Departamento de Operações Policiais Estratégicas]”, informs a note released by the Secretary of Public Security.

Argentine fan detained for racist act at Corinthians stadium in São Paulo – Photo: Henrique Toth/ge

Before the match, the bus that took the Boca team from the hotel to the stadium was stoned. One of the windows broke. According to geone of the members of the Argentine delegation was not seriously injured in the legs.

Boca Juniors bus was stoned and a member of the delegation was not seriously injured — Photo: Marcos Ribolli/ge

Another fan was arrested in April

In April, a Boca fan had been arrested for racial slur for imitating a monkey during a match between the Argentine team and Corinthians, at Neo Química Arena, during the first group stage of Libertadores. Argentine Leonardo Ponzo paid R$3,000 to be released.

Argentine fan detained for racial slur in Libertadores pays bail and is released

Argentine fan detained for racial slur in Libertadores pays bail and is released

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