Vitamin D deficiency can lead to dementia

It is a fact that we all want to keep the brain health in day. For this, it is necessary to adopt some healthy habits, such as avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, maintaining a good diet and having a social life. In this way, it is possible to maintain health and avoid some serious problems in the long run.

In this sense, science points out that the prolonged lack of some vitamins it can even lead to dementia. Understand further below.

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How was the study done?

Researchers at the University of Australia evaluated the health data of more than 290,000 people through the UK Biobank, making comparisons between the levels of vitamin D of each individual with their respective images of brain areas responsible for memory.

Thus, it was possible to see that participants who had a higher level of vitamin D in the body had a reduced risk of dementia.

The importance of vitamin D

The benefits that vitamin D offers our body have been known for a long time, especially when we talk about the immune system and bones. However, what surprised the researchers was that it plays an important role for brain health as well.

In some cases, the lack of this vitamin is even common, directly affecting the older population in some regions. In the UK, for example, it was possible to observe that up to 17% of cases of dementia could have been prevented by increasing these nutrients in the body, establishing them in a normal range.

If this is a concern, you can have your vitamin D levels tested annually by a doctor. If a low level of the vitamin is found in the body, the use of a food supplement is recommended. From there, an amount of around 600 IU of the vitamin per day is suggested, which can be found in both food and supplements.

Finally, experts believe that through good eating habits and better quality of life it is possible to change this reality in which a huge portion of the population is affected by dementia.

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