Who wins the silver saddle in Pantanal? Remember what it was like in 1990

José Lencio (Marcos Palmeira) and his three children in Pantanal (photo: Globo/Joo Miguel Jnior)

The dispute for the silver saddle is moving the chapters of wetland. José Lencio (Marcos Palmeira) surprised by proposing a competition between the three children.

On the birthday of Jove (Jesuta Barbosa), he announced that the famous item of younghis old father, is left with only one of them: the winner of a horse race.

Jove was disappointed, as he refused the gift as soon as he arrived at the farm. On the other hand, Thaddeus (José Loreto) and Jose Lucas (Irandhir Santos) celebrated.

Sister (Camila Morgado), in turn, made a scandal, because she knew her nephew doesn’t have a chance. Who tried to cheer the boy up Trinity (Gabriel Sater).

Who wins the silver saddle?

If, on the one hand, Jove thinks he has no chance, Tadeu and José Lucas talk about the competition. the son of file (Dira Paes) states that the firstborn is his only competitor.

But everything will change as the plot progresses. The dispute over the silver saddle ends up taking a back seat. First, because José Lucas doesn’t think he’s worthy to compete for having arrived later. In addition, he begins to be interested in politics rather than his father’s inheritance.

Jove (Jesuita Barbosa), Jos Lucas (Irandhir Santos) and Tadeu (Jos Loreto) (photo: photo:)

Jove, in turn, being in crisis with Juma (Alanis Guillen). That’s why he doesn’t care about pleasing his father. J Tadeu feels excluded. Upon being humiliated by Lencio, he discovers through the old man from the river (Osmar Prado) who is not the biological son of the farmer.

In the midst of so many conflicts, such a race does not happen. Before dying, José Lencio leaves each son responsible for a role on his farm.

It is worth noting that this was the end of the first version of Pantanal, in 1990. Apparently, it is the same as the Globo remake.

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