“You can close…”; Leila Pereira says ‘no’ for reinforcement at Palmeiras and leaves Flamengo free

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After the paulistas did not show interest in hiring, the chances of success at Rubro-Negro increased

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Leila will not seek signing at Palmeiras.
Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Leila will not seek signing at Palmeiras.

O palm trees went to the market recently and brought reinforcements precisely in a sector that had been considered the most fragile of the squad, so much so that the fans themselves constantly demanded an attack by a striker. The team led by Abel Ferreira, in addition to Rafael Navarro and Breno Lopes, now has Miguel Merentiel and Flaco Lopéz in attack.

In addition to the duo, other names are still being analyzed by the board, which knows the importance of having several quality options available, even more taking into account the Brazilian calendar. As a result of the alviverde glow in recent seasons, some players end up being offered by agents and representatives.

One such case was recently Andrey Santos, by Vasco. However, journalist Jorge Nicola recently revealed that the midfielder is monitored by João Paulo Sampaio, manager of the youth categories, but Alviverde should not try to hire him for ethical reasonsin taking an athlete from another Brazilian club due to the wear and tear of negotiation for a renewal.

“It’s just that Palmeiras, as well as Corinthians and Flamengo, understand that it’s not worth hiring the athlete in this condition. There is no legal prohibition, but within the code of ethics established among the main clubs in Brazil, It doesn’t work well to buy a player paying a termination penaltyespecially in those cases with an athlete in a first professional contract (…)”added the journalist.

However, Flamengo, who was cited as one of those who would have ruled out the possibility, continues to dispute the young man, alongside Atlético-MG. No negotiations have advanced so far, but unlike Verdão, the Cariocas still haven’t hit the nail on the head about saying “no” to the vascaíno and they can close down. The possibilities are still “hot”, but with one less competitor with the departure of São Paulo.

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