A 10-year-old boy is attacked by a pit bull in Baixada Fluminense and has a torn calf; video | Rio de Janeiro

A 10-year-old boy was attacked by a pit bull last Monday (27) in Baixada Fluminense. The incident was recorded by a security camera. (look above).

Nicolas Paz was at the door of his house, on Rua Délio Guaraná, in São João de Meriti, around 7:30 pm when the dog, that had been abandoned in the neighborhood days beforewent for him.

THE The boy’s left calf was torn apart by the bites. Nicolas was admitted to the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital, in downtown Rio, where he underwent a two and a half hour surgery for muscle reconstruction.

Nicolas’ mother, Roberta Paz said that the son is not in danger of life, but is very scared and having nightmares, waking up screaming.

Nicolas’ brother and man try to separate the pitbull from the boy — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Brother still tried to save Nicolas

In the camera footage, Nicolas’ brother, 14, appears in a red shirt trying to defend him, but fails. A neighbor notices the attack and kicks the animal until he is able to rescue the boy.

According to residents, the dog was abandoned in the neighborhood and has since started attacking people.

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