Athlete is hit by a bar in crossfit training at CE; video is strong

A young athlete, whose identity has not been revealed, was hit by a barbell while training weightlifting at a crosstraining academy in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará. The accident was recorded by the cell phone of a regular – and the images are strong. He needed to be hospitalized and is expected to undergo surgery in the next few days.

The video of the accident, which took place on the morning of Friday (24), shows the boy, wearing shorts, a red cap and no shirt, preparing to lift a barbell with weights. At first, he is crouching, testing the grip of the bar with his hands. Then he stands up, walks away for a few seconds, observes the object and then approaches again, bends down and grabs the bar, lifting it to shoulder height.

Then, with a greater effort, he tries to lift it above his head. At that moment, he lets out a grunt, loses his balance under the weight and falls into a sitting position. The bar ends up hitting him in the back of the neck, in the cervical spine, causing his head to move quickly forward. Then he falls backwards and no longer gets up, appearing to be unconscious.

The accident took place in Fortaleza, at Box Colosso, and the video ended up spreading through social media. Crosstraining—similar to crossfit, which is a trademark and used by gyms with permission—is a form of physical exercise that involves gymnastics, weightlifting, and aerobic exercise.

O UOL contacted Box Colosso to find out more details about what happened and also to obtain information about the athlete’s health status, but until the closing of this report the company had not responded.

In a message posted on social media, the box’s administration stated that “unfortunately, accidents happen. The Box Colosso family, in solidarity with the student, comes, through this note, to wish strength and ask all students, former students and lovers of the modality that pray for the health of our athlete who, unfortunately, suffered an accident”, says the text.

“It hurts him, the family and us so much to have to relive moments of pain, seeing people sharing strong images, asking questions, without even caring who really needs attention right now,” continues the management, in the statement. “The Colosso Family is supporting him and doing everything possible to help him, we are also in prayer for his recovery, as we would be doing for any human being who was going through something so difficult.”

In search of information about the boy’s health status, the UOL contacted the city hall of the city of Fortaleza, which informed that he would not be admitted to a public hospital. According to information, he was being treated at a private hospital in the city.

youth - Reproduction/Social Networks - Reproduction/Social Networks

The young man was training weight lifting when he lost balance and fell, being hit by the bar in the back of his head.

Image: Reproduction/Social Networks

Cervical spine trauma

According to the neurosurgeon specializing in brain and spine Wanderley Cerqueira de Lima, any sports practice without proper guidance can bring risks of impact that will result in the stretching of ligaments and cervical muscles and even injury to the vertebrae, nerves, spine and spinal cord.

“Depending on the degree of injury, the patient may have pain, eventually feel weakness in the arms, may eventually have weakness in the legs if the spinal cord is injured and, sometimes, he may even become quadriplegic. In this specific case, the patient had a trauma to the spine cervical spine, when a mechanism known as ‘whip’ occurs. That is, the spine goes back and forth suddenly, compromising ligaments, muscles and the spinal cord itself, which is in the center of the cervical spine”, explains Lima, remembering that this type of mechanism commonly occurs in automobile accidents.

Training must be supervised by professionals.

Physical educator Luiz Martins, who has been training athletes at Hangar 193 Crossfit in São Paulo for 12 years, regretted the accident and said that it is very important that people choose the place where they will train well, adding that training in the modality should always be accompanied by an experienced professional. “It takes a series of courses to train other people in this sport”, he warns.

“Here in Brazil, the practice of crossfit is accredited by an international body. However, we cannot prevent physical educators and gym entrepreneurs from allowing a person to do their specific training in gyms. even training crossfit. From what I knew, in this case in Fortaleza, the boy was doing an individual, random training”.

The neurosurgeon agrees with the physical educator. He believes that the weightlifting modality should not be performed alone and randomly, but accompanied by an instructor with knowledge and experience. “If someone lifts a weight inappropriately, they can injure ligaments and muscles. You have to avoid sudden impacts so as not to strain the muscles and, above all, not damage the cervical spine”.

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