Athlete is hit by a barbell while exercising at a gym in Fortaleza – Ceará

One athlete who practiced crossfit was hit by a bar with weights when trying to lift it in a training box in Fortaleza. The accident, which took place last Friday (24), was recorded in a video, which reverberated on social media. (Pictures are strong)

In a statement, the establishment where the boy trained revealed that he must undergo surgery. However, the state of health of the victim has not yet been released. In addition, the young man also did not have his identity revealed at the request of the family.

“The Box Colosso family, in solidarity with the MCSX student, comes, through this note, to wish strength and ask all Crossfit students, alumni and lovers to pray for the health of our athlete who, unfortunately, suffered an accident”, said the establishment in part of the note.

The site also revealed that it has provided all support needed by the athlete and asked for prayers from colleagues for his recovery.

“The Colosso family is supporting you and doing everything possible to help you, we are also in prayer for his recovery”, declares the excerpt from the statement.

Safety in the practice of sport

As explained by the Physical Education professional and Coach Fábio Bastos, cross training, as well as other sports, can be easily practiced safely.

“It’s a safe sport, mainly because it’s totally adaptable. We, the teachers and coaches, are always inside the place and we manage to have this attention with the students, both those who are already there and the new ones. But of course, it’s a one-way street. double, the athlete is also aware that it is a sport that needs evolution“, points out the expert.

For those who are starting, care ends up being redoubled. Fábio points out the need to choose a good place to train, do recurring tests about strengths and abilities, in addition to always listening to the guidelines passed on by professionals in the area.

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person puts a plate on a bar to practice sports

In the pits, places where cross training is usually practiced, attention is paid to avoid situations like this. “Despite that, accidents happen, we are unfortunately subject to that in any sport. We don’t want it to happen, but our preparation is for none of this to happen by analyzing each class well”, he explains.

In the specific case of Olympic Weightlifting (LPO), he reinforces that it is one of the moments of greatest attention. According to him, it is worth remembering the gradual nature of this practice, where the athlete evolves with each training session.

“It is essential not exaggerate in weightsespecially if the person is starting or doesn’t have a good muscular structure, because this will cause a bad movement and can result in an accident, for example”, concludes Fábio on the issue.

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