Audios show Pedro Guimarães swearing and insulting during Caixa meetings, reveals website | Policy

Recordings of meetings at Caixa Econômica Federal (listen above), released this Thursday (30) by the Metrópoles portal, show the now ex-president of the bank Pedro Guimarães swearing and insulting during work meetings.

Guimarães left the presidency of Caixa this Wednesday (30), after accusations that he committed sexual harassment against female employees became public. The Federal Public Ministry investigates the case.

Now, in addition to reports of sexual harassment, there are also reports of moral harassment at meetings.

Below are some episodes reported by Metrópoles. The audios present short speeches by Guimarães and do not show speeches by other meeting participants. The portal does not detail how they were recorded.

In this first audio, according to Metrópoles, Guimarães complains of having lost positions on executive boards he held as president of Caixa. Until then, the president of the institution could have a seat on the boards of other companies with capital participation of Caixa.

But a resolution by the bank’s General Assembly in August 2021 reduced the participation of Caixa’s president to a maximum of two works councils. This diminished Guimarães’ income.

“What’s the will? Damn, I think whoever is rooting for Lula, you f*ck… Go back to Caixa to be raped by those thieves, and you f*ck yourself…”, says Guimarães in the audio .

At the same meeting, according to the website, Guimarães asks an assistant to write down the CPFs of those present. That’s because he would punish people if what was said at the meeting was leaked. He gives the assignment to write down the CPFs to Celso Leonardo Barbosa, vice president of Caixa.

Guimarães explains that he will not give the mission to his advisor, Álvaro Pires (nickname Vreco) because he is “f*… soft”.

“Whoever is responsible will no longer be vice president, director, national superintendent, or national manager. So, Celso, this one is for you, because Velcro is f*ck… soft. I want it in detail. I want everyone’s CPFs”, threatens Guimarães.

‘This is not a democracy’

In the following audio, Guimarães complains about decisions that were approved by Caixa’s board of directors and that did not go through his evaluation.

“It’s not acceptable. And again: shit… for your opinion, because I’m in charge. So I’m not asking. This isn’t a democracy. It’s my decision,” protested Guimarães.

In another audio, also complaining about decisions made without his approval, Guimarães said that attitudes like this could cost employees their jobs.

“You’re crazy, because you’ve only got to lose. Man, you’re crazy. You don’t have to call anyone. If I didn’t give the ok, I didn’t give the ok and that’s it. It’s ‘no’. Why would you take the risk of losing the function, man, for something I didn’t authorize?”.

In this last audio, Guimarães once again complains about actions that did not go through the presidency of Caixa. He says that even if a vice president approves an issue, it would still have to go through his office. Guimarães cites his chief of staff, Rozana Alves. He ends his speech with a curse.

“Rosana has to personally give the approval. F*ck it. ‘Oh, but the vice president’. Tell everyone to take the f*ck…”

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