Bolsonarista Gloria Perez explains if she researched Klara Castanho’s baby data on the web

Gloria Perez. (Image: Publicity / Globe)

The author of Brazilian soap operas, Gloria Perez, made an alleged mistake on her Twitter, generating a series of speculations from users about the motivation of her comment. When responding to a post by Gabi Oliveira, which criticized Antônia Fontenelle’s attitude in the case of Klara Castanho, the writer randomly commented “Dados bb Klara”, as can be seen below:

However, Gloria’s answer opened the gap for several individuals to believe that she confused where the tweet was written with the Google search bar. In this case, as if she were looking for the data of the child generated by the actress from sexual violence, which she was given up for adoption shortly after birth.

Still on Twitter, the writer replied to some of the posts making assumptions and said that it was not that and to stop making it up, that in fact she just wanted to say “what was worse”, and that she wanted to remember Twitter in a “telegraphic” way.

“Can stop! I went to answer a person saying what was worse. Don’t invent it”, Perez countered on the social network.

“I didn’t confuse anything, I just wanted to remind the twitter above, in a telegraphic way, the disclosure of data”, replied the soap opera author in another question.

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