Bolsonaro changes speech and says there is no endemic corruption – 06/29/2022 – Poder

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) changed his speech this Wednesday (29) and admitted that there may be cases of embezzlement of public funds in the federal government.

Until then, the Chief Executive had ruled out the possibility of episodes of corruption in the government. Now, he added to the phrase he usually uses and said that there may be illicit acts, but that there is no “endemic corruption” in his management.

“In the government, we don’t have any endemic corruption. There are isolated cases that pop up and we are looking for a solution to that”, he said in a lecture to businessmen at an event held by the CNI (National Confederation of Industry).

The statement came a week after former Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro was arrested by the Federal Police.

He was arrested in an operation that investigates a suspected business counter at the Ministry of Education and in the release of funds from the FNDE (National Fund for the Development of Education).

A day later, he was released by a magistrate of second instance.

Senators articulate the installation of a CPI to investigate the complaints related to the MEC. The president expressed concern about the possible creation of a commission on the subject.

“CPI almost getting out of a subject that seems to be buried. But when it opens CPI opens sea of ​​opportunities for opportunists to campaign against us”, he said.

Bolsonaro has been adapting his speech on the topic since May. He used to be categorical about the lack of corruption in his government. Faced with complaints that have emerged in recent months, he went on to say that there were no “consistent complaints” of embezzlement of public funds.

In the lecture, the president ignored the allegations of sexual harassment against the president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães. The Chief Executive spoke for more than 25 minutes and did not mention the matter.

The revelation of a business desk at the Ministry of Education and suspicions in contracts and in the distribution of billions of funds from parliamentary amendments increasingly weaken the electoral discourse repeated by Bolsonaro and allies that the federal government has not registered cases of violence for three years. corruption.

The recent scandals that overthrew Milton Ribeiro da Educação are added to old suspicions, to the alliance with the once despised center and to the methodical action in these three years to stop investigations and empty inspection and control bodies.

The fight against corruption was used by Bolsonaro as a political platform in the presidential campaign. In November 2018, after being elected, Bolsonaro said that ministers targeted by blunt accusations should leave the government, which did not materialize in practice.

Minister Marcelo Álvaro Antônio (Turismo), for example, remained in the government after being indicted by the Federal Police and denounced by the Minas Gerais Public Prosecutor’s Office on charges of involvement in the case of the orange candidates of the PSL.

Since assuming the presidency, Bolsonaro has contested actions by control bodies to investigate his family nucleus, for example.

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