Brazil had 277 thousand new jobs in May

Amid an inflation that only increases, at least one result has been positive. Check out the number of job openings created in May!

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According to data from the Caged (General Register of Employed and Unemployed) released on Tuesday (28) by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, Brazil opened 277,018 formal job vacancies in May.

The result came above the forecast for the month, which was 192,750 jobs, projected by analysts in a Reuters survey. In addition, it is the second best in the last 12 months, second only to May 2021, when the result was 278,705 new vacancies.

Brazil opens more job vacancies than expected

In the month of May, there was a positive balance in all sectors, with emphasis on vacancies in services, with the opening of 120,294 jobs, followed by commerce, with 47,557. There were 46,975 formal jobs created in industry, 35,445 in construction and 26,747 in the agricultural sector.

Analyzing by region, the Southeast was the one that created the most formal jobs in May, with 147,800, followed by the Northeast, 48,800 and the Midwest, 34,000. As for the salary issue, the result retreated. The average amount of compensation was BRL 1,898.02, compared to BRL 1,916.07 in April.

The state with the highest balance was São Paulo, with a positive result of 85,659 jobs, followed by Minas Gerais with 29,970 and Rio de Janeiro with the creation of 20,226 formal jobs.

It is worth remembering that the data are from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed, which considers workers with a formal contract. In other words, it does not include informal workers, who constitute almost 40% of the workforce in Brazil.

As a result, the results are not comparable with the unemployment figures released by the IBGE, collected through the Continuous National Household Sample Survey.

Even so, the IBGE results are also positive. According to the institute, the unemployment rate in Brazil dropped to 10.5% in the quarter ended in April, the lowest level since 2016. However, about 11.3 million Brazilians still remain without a job.

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