Bustos values ​​Santos draw and predicts ‘reinforcements’ against Flamengo

Coach Fabián Bustos valued Santos’ 1-1 draw with Deportivo Táchira yesterday (29), in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana.

The coach understood that the team did enough to at least draw. The Argentine highlighted the rest of Táchira and the difficulties with the 10 absences of Santos.

“We came to take a good result, always respecting Táchira’s good team, which was more rested. They hadn’t played for 11 days, we played on the weekend and had embezzlement, some with physical difficulties. It would be unfair if we didn’t score. took the lead in a mistake by us, an own goal, when the game was balanced. In the second half we went to reverse and created chances by the wing and took time to get it right and make the move clear as Sánchez left for Rwan. Now we will play at home and it will be different”, said Bustos.

Maicon and Madson (medical department), Sandry (covid-19), Léo Baptistão, Lucas Barbosa and John (suspended) and Rodrigo Fernández, Marcos Leonardo, Eduardo Bauermann and Ricardo Goulart (preserved) did not travel to Venezuela. Only Sandry and Maicon should be out against Flamengo on Saturday, in Vila Belmiro, for the 15th round of the Brazilian Championship.

“Three players didn’t come for suspension. Two or three [estão] in full physical recovery. I believe that we will have seven or eight to accompany those who are better for the weekend”, concluded Fabián Bustos.

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