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Bronze statue of Chico Xavier, located at Praa Rui Barbosa, in the Center of Uberaba (photo: Renato Manfrim)

The medium Francisco Cndido Xavier, known as Chico Xavier, said that he wanted to disincarnate on the day when the Brazilian people were very happy. That is what happened. At around 7:30 pm on June 30, 2002, when the country was celebrating, since that morning, the Brazilian soccer team had won the fifth World Cup championship, Chico Xavier, then 92 years old, suffered cardiac arrest and died.

This Thursday (30/6) marks the 20th anniversary of the death of the medium who spread the spiritist doctrine in Brazil and won millions of followers.

Born in 1910, in Pedro Leopoldo, Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, Chico Xavier moved to Uberaba, in Tringulo Mineiro, in 1959, where he psychographed most of his 459 books.

According to the coordinator of the Chico Xavier Memorial, the museologist Carlos Vitor Silveira, the city of Uberaba currently has around 100 spiritist centers, all of which follow the examples of the famous medium, that is, charity, love for others, tolerance, dialogue , respect and empathy. “Chico left a legacy related to universal values ​​that today are followed by his followers and spiritist centers in the city that carry out, for example, food donations, among other actions that benefit the needy”, commented Carlos Vitor.

One of the social projects in progress by Chico Xavier, who is about 40 years old, is at Casa da Prece, which teaches crochet and handicrafts to people looking to enter the job market.

Currently, in addition to the Chico Xavier Memorial, the Casa da Prece (where he psychographed most of his books) and the spiritual centers, there is another space in Uberaba that preserves the memory of the medium, that is, the Chico Xavier Museum, where he resided during all the years he lived in the city.

“I’m just the postman”: Chico psychographed 459 books

It all started on July 9, 1932, when the young Chico Xavier, then 22 years old, launched his first spiritual work: Parnaso de Alm-Tmulo; an anthology of poems, psychographed by the medium, that is, more than 200 poems dictated by 56 disincarnated Brazilian and Portuguese poets. Over the next 70 years, Chico Xavier, who said he was not the author of the books but a kind of ‘postman’, would psychograph another 458 books. The texts were translated into 15 languages, including Japanese, Greek, Czech and Esperanto, and the copyrights were donated, with a registry office, for assistance works.

Psychography of Chico Xavier acquitted accused in jury

One of Chico Xavier’s most famous psychographs took place in 1980 in Goinia, where José Divino Nunes, accused of killing his best friend, Maurcio Henriques, was acquitted by the judge, who accepted as valid evidence a statement from the victim himself, who had already died, for through a text psychographed by Chico Xavier, who said that Maurcio’s spirit cleared his friend saying that everything would have been an accident.

Chico Xavier is part of the Uberaba Geopark Project

The three attributes of international representativeness of the Uberaba Geopark Project – Land of Giants were called: “Land of Brazil’s Dinosaurs”, “World Capital of Zebu” and “place where Chico Xavier revealed himself to world spiritism”.

Last Thursday (23/6) the Letter of Intent for the Project was signed, which was forwarded to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), in Paris, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE).


at 6:30 pm this Thursday, at Teatro Sesiminas, a tribute to the entire career of Chico Xavier takes place, with the presence of people who lived with him over the years. The tribute will feature the booth “O que vivi com Chico” and a special concert by the Orquestra Municipal de Uberaba.

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