Cleo detonates hatred against parents, trauma and what happened: “Hurt me”

Artist talks about trauma in book

Considered one of the greatest artists, Cleo won over the audience in front of the cameras. However, now, she has thrown herself into a new adventure: writing her own book.

The famous launched the work “Everyone I’ve ever loved has made me cry”in partnership with writer Tatiana Maciel.

In short, the book deals with abusive relationships, such as dating, family relationships or even bosses.

In the chapter “people in the dining room”, Cleo opens up the bad relationship of the character Maria Clara’s family.

At first, the woman confesses that she would like to be the best mother in the world for her daughter, as she understands the traumas that childhood can bring.

Glória Pires and Cleo (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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Cleo Pires (Photo: Reproduction)

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In the sequence, the character described by Cleo confesses that she saw her parents suffer for many years.

“When I started to understand my parents, what they lived through, what they suffered, I started to want to leave everything behind”, tells the artist in her book.

In this way, Cleo’s character admits that she always kept her traumas to herself, but that she was ready to talk about the worst night ever.

It all happened one night at dinner, when he noticed that his younger sister, Anitta, was tense next to her family members.

“I didn’t know there was such a thing as a toxic environment. I wanted to explain that I thought the world was supposed to be that way.”says one of the sentences from Cleo’s book.

In the sequence, the artist exposed what her character experienced at the dinner table: “It didn’t take long and then the sarcastic comments started here and there, some pins, some power games, the usual.”


Due to the needling of the family, the artist’s character acquired trauma in her relationships and realized that the environment was not the best.

“All nonsense came out knowing the right place to hurt the other, each trauma, each vulnerability, and only those who were the real target felt the hook deep inside”says the excerpt about the parents, which continues:

“It was as if it were a coded language between those who wanted to hurt and those who were hurt, unintelligible to others”wrote Cleo about her character.

Finally, the artist says that the character has always been mocked by others and that she has given up on being beautiful and hidden her books.


It is worth mentioning that, in the book, Cleo did not write an autobiographical account of her stories. However, she used some personal experiences and people close to her to create the characters.

During an interview with “Quem”, the artist confessed that the mother figure in the stories is not associated with her mother, Gloria Pires.

“The book is a fictional compilation of our stories and those of people close to us”said Cleo.

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