Clube do Remo has Re-Pa income confiscated by Justice

Clube do Remo will have the support of Fenômeno Azul in the classic against Paysandu, but suffers a financial blow through a court decision.

The 13th Civil and Business Court determined income blocking of the classic Re-Pa next Sunday (3), at Evandro Almeida stadium, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Series C Championship.

The document was signed by judge Cristiano Arantes e Silva and decides on a favorable opinion from Heron Belei de Oliveira, who filed a lawsuit against the remus club in 2009.

Carioca referee whistles classic Re-Pa 766

The decision came after the action that requested 30% of the income block, but now reaches 10% of the income of the classic between Leão X Boogey next weekend.

Lawyer Hildeman Romero Júnior spoke with the DOL and reported details surrounding the matter and the 10% income block.

“This is a loan made in 2009 during the administration of President Amaro Klautau and it was not paid. This practice is common among clubs in Pará and the updated amount made two months ago was R$ 1,613 million. The value was R$ 252 thousand”

“As labor justice is a priority, only now came the decision to block 10%. From RexPa onwards, 10% will be blocked until the debt is paid”, he adds.

DOL has contacted the legal department of Clube do Remo and is awaiting a position.

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