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TV stations resumed maximum care with safety and health protocols against covid-19. CNN Brazil, a direct competitor of GloboNews in the dispute for audience between the subscription news channels, had to resort to plan B to keep “CNN 360º” on the air. This because journalist Daniela Lima had to be removed from office for an indefinite period.

The presenter of one of the main TV news on the station’s programming grid tested positive for the disease after having flu-like symptoms. In a first test, the result was negative. However, as required by the protocol adopted by the company, it had to undergo a new test. The positive result made the management opt ​​for a replacement for at least a week.

Taina Falcão was hurriedly called to take charge of “CNN 360º”. She will remain in the position of presenter until her colleague recovers from the flu symptoms caused by covid-19 and a new test shows a negative result. Behind the scenes of the channel, professionals are instructed to wear a face mask and alcohol gel to avoid contamination by the disease. Daniela Lima has already taken the three doses of vaccine available for her age group.

“Good afternoon guys. Following the protocol of retesting for Covid with persistence of symptoms, today my test was positive. I am well. Mild symptoms. Upset because I took great care of myself, but calm because I have the 3 doses of vaccine that are available for my age group and with follow-up ”, warned the presenter, who is in social isolation in São Paulo.

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Daniela Lima acted directly in the coverage of the covid-19 pandemic. The presenter was one of those responsible for interviewing health experts and updating the public on the data on the health crisis. The use of a mask by her is only waived when she is on the air for all of Brazil. In social networks, it is possible to observe that the professional does not dispense with the use of protection behind the scenes.

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