Crossfit athlete is hit by barbell with weight during exercise and will undergo surgery in Fortaleza | Ceará

An athlete was hit in the back by a barbell while lifting weights in a crossfit training box in Fortaleza. The accident occurred on Friday morning (24), and the moment was caught by a witness who recorded the athlete.

On the morning of this Wednesday (29), the g1 contacted the establishment where the accident took place, which informed that this week the young man will undergo surgery, but will not comment on the case at the request of the victim’s family.

The establishment released a note of solidarity to the student, who was injured and needed to be hospitalized.

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Crossfit athlete is injured and needs surgery after barbell with weights fell on his back while he was trying to lift the equipment, in Fortaleza. — Photo: Reproduction

“The Box Colosso family, in solidarity with the MCSX student, comes, through this note, to wish strength and ask all Crossfit students, alumni and lovers to pray for the health of our athlete who, unfortunately, suffered an accident . […] “, says the note.

“The Colosso family is supporting him and doing everything possible to help him, we are also in prayer for his recovery,” the establishment said in another excerpt of the statement.

In the video, the victim, who was not identified, was trying to lift a barbell with weights. At a given moment, the athlete takes the bar off the ground, takes it to the chest region, but, when trying to place the equipment above his head, he releases the bar, which falls on his back. After the accident, the man lay on the ground, screaming in pain.

Crossfit is a high-intensity activity that involves three modalities: gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and aerobic exercise.

According to the president of the Fitness Commission of the Regional Council of Physical Education of the 5th Region (CREF5), Sérgio Franco, crossfit, as well as other physical activities, is safe, as long as the practitioner has correct professional guidance.

“It is important that practitioners seek professional guidance so that there are no errors in execution, that they use a correct overload. There are fatalities. We see a lot on the internet people wanting to make weight, to overcome themselves, without any guidance, which is not is recommended”, said Sérgio Franco.

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