Discover the training in Canada that offers scholarships of up to BRL 135,000

The dream of many people is to make a exchange, Is not it? Because of this, millions of reais are invested every year by people looking for an opportunity or chance of growth in foreign countries. And if we tell you that there is a Canada scholarship of up to R$ 135 thousand for some professionals? Curious? Find out more below.

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This is a great incentive for those who dream of doing an exchange. For this, you must be at least 18 years of age and willing to move to the country before the course starts. In addition, participants cannot receive any other type of aid, as they will have payments between R$73,000 and R$135,000, in addition to health insurance.

Professionals in which areas will be able to participate?

The scholarship is very comprehensive and offers opportunities for several areas, such as human, exact and biological, with the following professions:

  • Administration, Commerce and Information Technology;
  • Chemistry and Biology;
  • communications;
  • Electrotechnology;
  • Agriculture and Fisheries;
  • Art;
  • Beauty Care;
  • Buildings and Public Works;
  • Environment and Forest Management;
  • Food and Tourism Services;
  • Mechanical Manufacturing;
  • Metallurgical Technology;
  • Forestry and Pulp and Paper;
  • Health services;
  • Maintenance Mechanics;
  • Mining and Site Operations;
  • Maintenance of Motorized Equipment;
  • Joinery and Furniture Manufacturing.

Requirements to participate

In addition to the above areas, before participating in the training program, the applicant must live outside of Canada. Once selected, you must make the change even before the start of classes, which are face-to-face. Overall, around 30 scholarships are offered per year.

Another essential factor for getting approval is proof of a contribution of at least R$ 12 thousand, in addition to reference letters made by at least two different people, a copy of the first page of the passport and the birth certificate. If you are interested, you can apply until August 5th by clicking here.

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