Girl who made Lula’s “L” in Sílvio Santos was banned from returning to the program

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The girl Letícia Trevisan16 years old, who made the “L”, in reference to the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (EN), during the program of Silvio Santos last Sunday (27), it was forbidden by the production to return to the station.

Leticia told the Yahoo who was “temporarily” banned from returning. According to her, the Brazilian Television System (SBT) gave the message by the caravanist responsible for Letícia’s visit.

“The caravanist said it’s just for me to take a break because of politics. As soon as the dust settles, she’ll talk to them and I’ll probably be able to go back. It wasn’t an intentional thing. I didn’t know we couldn’t talk of politics, to manifest.

She says that it was not the first time she participated in the SBT audience: “third or fourth time on Sílvio’s recording. It’s a normal day, I’m used to it. Backstage, everyone is very polite, they receive me very well, they have snacks” , remembered.

SBT went back

Shortly after giving the interview, however, the girl informed Yahoo that the network had contacted her to say that she can now return to audience shows. “From what I understand, they were just worried about the way home, in case some hater did something,” said the girl.

The advisory commented: “SBT does not comment on spontaneous attitudes of its guests”.

Will participate in the PT program

O Workers’ Party (EN) got in touch with Letícia and invited her to record a video for the party. According to the girl, the recording should take place this Thursday (30). She details the moment when she had the idea of ​​making the hand gesture: “They were talking about politics and they said that Brazil supports Bolsonaro. That’s not what we want, understand?! (…) My family is all 13,” he added.

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