Gkay makes peace with Sônia Abrão and the team at São João da Thay: ‘everything is zero’ | Column Fábia Oliveira

as far as depending on Gkay influencerthe beef with Sonia Abram it’s already in the past. On Tuesday night (28), the businesswoman arrived at São João da Thay distributing smiles and was soon very friendly with the team of the program ‘A Tarde É Sua’, which was positioned at the entrance of the party.

Bruno Tálamo, a reporter who starred in the climate pie when interviewing Gkay, having his microphone taken from his hand by the influencer so that she could send a rude message to Sônia, now tells another story. According to the journalist. Gkay was nice and finally got it right with the show’s team.

“I met Gkay and this time it was different. She saw me from afar and already cracked a smile. I felt an opening to reach and approached her. We hugged, we made up, she said that everything is zero, she raised the white flag, ”said the reporter.

Bruno also said that, although both parties agreed, he made it clear to Gkay that she will continue to be included in the program’s games, as well as the other artists who are commented live by the team of presenters.

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“I agreed with her (about putting the fight aside) and said that the program is always available to her and that, even, that doesn’t get rid of a possible new fridge and also a new red carpet. She’s a normal performer, like everyone else, and is bound to participate in the show’s pranks as we always have. But she was upset that time because she went to the fridge,” she recalled.

And the public can expect a new message from the influencer to Sônia, but this time, nothing naughty. “She sent a message to Sônia, which I cannot say now, but we made peace, hugged, kissed and it was a climate of total fraternization of São João. This is the Gkay I like to see from the internet, not the one that ripped the mic out of my hand. This is the Gkay we like”, added journalist Bruno Tálamo.

On the 14th, Gkay surprised everyone when he arrived at Simaria Mendes’ birthday, in São Paulo. At the time, upon learning of the presence of Sônia Abrão’s team at the scene, she pulled the microphone from reporter Bruno Tálamo’s hand and even yelled at the journalist, complaining about the presenter.

With the microphone in hand, Gkay detonated Sonia for being placed in the fridge of the afternoon attraction, due to the millionaire investment in Farofa da Gkay. “She doesn’t even know what she was talking about. She tries to know what you’re talking about before going out talking to the people on this shit show of yours, ”said the influencer, who didn’t like being called ‘ridiculous’ by the presenter at the time she was criticized.

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