Globo ends Ana Maria and presenter rebels

Ana Maria Braga would not have liked an order from Globo in relation to the recipes she recorded with Louro José in the past

Ana Maria Braga continues to go through a few good ones behind the scenes at Globo. Alessandro Lo-Biancofrom the program “A Tarde é Sua”, revealed this Wednesday (29) that the station took the veteran’s foot again and made another determination about her behavior in “Mais Você”.

The RedeTV columnist! had already revealed that the presenter was prohibited from calling Louro Mané Lourinho, or even confusing her name with Louro José. To get the parrot signed, the veteran must refer to the puppet with the name she chose after ignoring a public vote.

Now, the direction of Globo would have taken a new decision so that it can move forward after the death of Tom Veiga, in 2020. in past editions.


Starting on Monday, or in the next few weeks, the board will decide what to do with the recordings of the new recipes. Ana Maria Braga would not have agreed with her bosses’ decision, but she could still run the risk of not even having the recipes displayed on “Mais Você”.

The presenter would have revolted and said that the Pope could say that she should not show Louro José in reprized recipes, she will never comply with that order. The veteran would have said that she doesn’t agree with the director’s order and puts her foot down so that the recipes she recorded with Tom Veiga go on the air.

Ana Maria Braga and Louro Mané (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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Sonia Abrão lamented what happened: “Guys, now it’s really an impasse. Radicalized on both sides. Those who have power don’t want it, and the presenter does want the recipes to remain on the air. […] The most serious thing is real water.”

Ana Maria Braga next to Luro José (Photo: Disclosure)
Ana Maria Braga next to Louro José played by Tom Veiga (Photo: Disclosure / TV Globo)

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