“I didn’t raise anything”

the country singer Tiago Piquiloof the pair with Hugorevealed new details about the penile surgery held in 2021. In an interview with André Piunti’s YouTube channel, the former participant of ‘A Fazenda’ explained that, contrary to what was reported, he did not change the length of the genital organ, but its volume.

“I didn’t do any augmentation. I took the fat off my belly and injected it (in the penis). This surgery doesn’t affect anything. It won’t make it better, but it won’t make it worse (performance). make you, psychologically, feel calmer, more beautiful.. I had this surgery for me to feel good and I don’t regret it. I loved the result”, concluded the singer who also confided that few people saw the result of the surgery .

Tiago Piquilo, from the duo with Hugo, revealed new details about the penile surgery performed in 2021

Tiago Piquilo, from the duo with Hugo, revealed new details about the penile surgery performed in 2021

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“I didn’t show it to any of my friends. I didn’t show it to anyone. The only person who saw it is my partner [Tânia Mara]. Nobody saw it because I’m ashamed”, he said. Tânia, by the way, also reacted negatively when she heard about the singer’s desire. “The first person I spoke to was Tânia, who said: ‘You don’t need to, you’re crazy… ‘. And I said: ‘it’s possible to improve a little bit. That’s just life, it’s about to end, the earth will eat, let’s be happy, if there’s a way to improve a little detail'”, highlighted the actor.

Tânia understood her lover’s motives, but the relationship was shaken as they came to separate for a brief period, after the repercussion of the surgery.

Second Tiago, after discovering data on the number of depression and suicide of people insecure with the appearance of the penis, he considered that talking publicly about the surgery could help to break the taboo on the subject. Without naming names, the artist also mentioned that many singers from the country side got in touch with him to ask questions about the procedure.

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