If the left comes back, it never leaves power again, says Bolsonaro – 06/29/2022 – Poder

In an interview with American TV Fox News, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said that a victory for the left in the elections in October this year will make this wing perpetuate in power.

“If the left returns to power, in my view, it will never leave power and this country will follow the same path as Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. to presenter Tucker Carlson, shown in prime time on the network this Wednesday (29).

“The losers will be the Brazilian population and the left itself. All of South America will be painted red, if you know what I mean, and the US will become an isolated country,” Bolsonaro continued.

In the latest Datafolha poll, former President Lula (PT) recorded a 19-point advantage, marking 47% of voting intentions in the first round, against 28% for Bolsonaro.

In the interview, the current president said that his election in Brazil in 2018 was a miracle because he had no space in the media — although he became known for participating in TV shows such as “CQC” and “Superpop”.

The entirety of the conversation will be shown this Thursday (30). Carlson said he talked to Bolsonaro for more than an hour.

Carlson also aired on his program a brief interview with federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), about violence and access to weapons.

“The president [Bolsonaro] it didn’t change the law, but it changed the regulations, which made it easier and cheaper to buy a gun in Brazil. And what happened was not only that we reduced the number of crimes, but it was the biggest drop in the history of Brazil in the homicide rate since 1980,” said Eduardo.

Carlson asked whether a left turn to power would lead to the disarmament of the population and a worsening in crime. “There is no doubt that the former president and ex-convict Lula will take back all the weapons that were sold during the government of Jair Bolsonaro,” said the deputy.

At the beginning of June, Lula made a statement in defense of the ban on the sale of weapons, but did not talk about recalling those in circulation. “A country that wants to buy books and wants to ban the sale of weapons wants to avoid genocide,” said PT, at an event in Porto Alegre.

The American presenter traveled to Brazil to make a documentary about China’s influence in the country and is conducting his daily program from the country this week. Carlson called Brazil the “last pro-US country in Latin America” ​​and considered it the only country resisting Chinese colonial efforts.

“China became a dominant colonial power, taking control of countries through economic agreements, and then exploiting their natural resources and controlling their political systems,” the anchor accused, in the opening speech of the program. China is currently Brazil’s largest trading partner.

The presenter also said that Brazil is an example of what can happen in the United States in the future. “Brazil has a very divided political climate. There is a nationalist party, currently in power and which controls the Executive. On the other hand, there is a globalist party. And the tone of politicians here is bitter. People go to prison in Brazil routinely. when they lose elections,” he said.

Carlson, 53, is a top anchor for Fox News, the main US news channel dedicated to conservative audiences. It features a television news program from the station, shown daily at 8 pm on the east coast of the country.

He has defended unproven theories such as the “great replacement.” This theory argues that the entry of immigrants into the US would be part of a Democratic plan to make the white electorate a minority in the country and, thus, decrease the chances of the Republican Party winning elections.

In the second, Carlson interviewed Felipe Martins, advisor for International Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic. In the conversation, Martins said that Bolsonaro personally warned the president of the United States, Joe Biden, about the alleged risks posed by the PT’s pre-candidate for the Planalto, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, during the meeting of the two leaders at the Summit of the Americas.

In 2021, the presenter traveled to Hungary and interviewed conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

When meeting Bolsonaro for the recording, Carlson posed for a photo with a headdress, next to the president. In the background, there was a shelf with various objects, such as a Caixa Econômica Federal logo, which generated debates on social networks.

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