‘It looks like he’s speaking Greek’: elderly man attacked after saying to child – Gerais

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MP from Campina Verde, in Tringulo Mineiro, was triggered because the suspect had fled to that city (photo: PMMG/Disclosure)

An 82-year-old man, resident of Itapagipe, in Tringulo Mineiro, called the Military Police (PM) on the afternoon of this Tuesday (28/6) to register a report of the occurrence of bodily injury because he says he had been beaten by a piece of wood. The assault would have occurred after he said to the suspect’s son the following sentence: “it sounds like you’re speaking Greek”.

Still according to the report of the elderly man to the military, he said the phrase, considered an expression that is used when there is a lack of understanding of something, because he did not understand what the child was saying to him at the time he was on his land, under a mango powder, trying to pull out worms.

According to the police report, shortly after saying the phrase for the first time, the suspect approached the elderly man and told him to repeat what he had said. Then, the victim said that she repeated it and, for that reason, the suspect would have invaded his house.

The 24-year-old young man, the child’s father, was carrying a knife and then took a piece of wood and hit the elderly man three times, causing, according to information from a medical report passed on to the PM, injuries to the head and one of the fingers of the woman. mo.

Also according to the police record, after the assaults, the suspect got into a taxi and allegedly fled to the municipality of Campina Verde, also located in the Tringulo Mineiro region. The city’s military have been called and are looking for the suspect.

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