Ivy League Universities Are Offering 450 Free Courses

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Currently, it is possible to take courses for free and at a distance at several universities around the world. The university of the moment is the Ivy League, which is offering 450 class options for those looking to improve their curriculum.

The Ivy League is just the nomenclature of the union of eight best universities from United States. Harvard is among them and is one of those providing this big break. To register, simply access the Classcentral platform.

Ivy League courses

The Ivy League is the union of the following universities: Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Yale Dartmouth, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. The courses offered are online.

Classes are in different areas and vary according to the main demands of the market, for example: Social Sciences, Medicine, Business, Health, among others. It is worth mentioning that the contents will be in English, French, Chinese and Spanish.

In addition, the classes are 100% free, however, those who want the certificate may have to pay a fee. The value varies from one course to another and is displayed on the page of each course.

Who wants to sign up, you must access the Classcentral platform and go to the Ivy section. The free content has a red seal where it says “Free Online Course (Audit)”. By clicking on the desired course, the user will be redirected to another area of ​​the site where the videos will be available.

In this way, the student has the possibility to create their own study routine, as the classes are always available on the platform and can be watched at any time.

Full list

Finally, check out the complete list of all the courses offered by the Ivy League:

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