Jadson Neiff, brega-funk dancer, dies in Recife | Pernambuco

Died in Recife, this Wednesday (29), the cheesy-funk dancer Jadson dos Santos Estevão, known as Jadson Neiff. He was 22 years old and was the victim of a motorcycle accident on BR-232, in Vitória de Santo Antão, in the Mara Zone of Pernambuco. The death was confirmed by Hospital da Restauração, in the center of Recife, where the artist was rescued.

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Jadson was part of the group Os Neiffs, made up of young people from communities in Recife who sing and dance brega-funk on the periphery. The group, famous on social media, has more than 800,000 followers on its official Instagram page. Jadson alone had over half a million followers.

According to Thiago Gravações, manager of the group and Jadson, the victim was with his wife, Dayana Araújo, at the time of the accident. She suffered injuries to her foot and hand, but they were minor. The couple has a baby daughter.

“The information I received is that he was returning from the countryside, from a town hall party, and went to avoid a hole, but he couldn’t. The motorcycle fell into the hole and he lost control and hit the wall of the shoulder”, he said. Thiago Recordings.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) reported that, after falling on the highway, Jadson and Dayana were hit by another vehiclewho fled shortly thereafter.

Tacky-funk dancer Jadson dos Santos Estevão, known as Jadson Neiff — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

According to Hospital da Restauração, in Derby, downtown Recife, Jadson was admitted to the unit at 9:52 pm on Tuesday (28). He suffered multiple trauma and, due to the severity of the case, was taken straight to the operating room. He succumbed to his injuries and died at 2:25 am.

Dayana Araújo, according to the PRF, was taken to the João Murilo Hospital, in Vitória de Santo Antão. O g1 contacted the hospital unit to obtain details on the state of health, but the hospital said it did not locate the occurrence.

Neiff’s manager, Thiago Gravações, mourned the young dancer’s early death. “He was such a young guy, with a big future ahead of him. He had over half a million followers. He was one of the heads of the Neiffs, one of the creators. Now, they were bursting. Jadson didn’t have time to enjoy it,” he said.

Motorbike on which was Jadson Neiff, a cheesy-funk dancer who died after an accident on the BR-232 – Photo: PRF/Disclosure

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