Juliette carries child on her lap at airport, and mother despairs

An unusual situation involving Juliette caught the attention of fans. The singer appeared walking with a child on her lap in a video that went viral on social media this afternoon, and the mother’s reaction amused the audience.

Surrounded by fans, Juliette was walking with the child in her arms, when a woman, who claimed to be the child’s mother, appeared desperate: “It’s my son, give me back my son”, she shouted when approaching the artist, afraid that the winner of the “BBB 21” do not return it.

The child returned to the mother’s arms shortly thereafter. In another record, one of the ex-BBB fans showed that the child approached Juliette and did not want to let go of her after a hug.

Juliette performed yesterday in São Luís during São João da Thay, a party promoted by presenter and influencer Thaynara OG. Us stories from Instagram, the singer stated that the episode took place today, shortly after her arrival in Salvador.

“A child arrived and clung to me, he wouldn’t let go anymore”, joked the artist, highlighting the affection for the Bahian capital. The moment also spawned memes on social media.

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