Kuwait Club’s piranging in Parintins

The act of “cramming”, for those who are not used to the term, is the same as taking advantage. The “pirangueiro”, by definition, is one who takes advantage of people and/or situations. Well, that’s how businesswoman Egreen Baranda manages the family business on Tupinabarana Island, the Kuwait Club. A pity for local tourism and a real affront to visitors who pay and do not receive the promised services.

Starting with the mooring of boats, a stage in which customers encounter lack of assistance and disinformation from the specific location. Where should we dock? There is no signage. In our case, we had to dock, undock, wait for an auxiliary ferry to arrive and only then could we be docked correctly. Unnecessary work and risk for the amount of BRL 1,000 per meter of width charged at anchoring the vessel. We paid R$12 thousand for the bad service. Detail: we paid for the docking and did not receive any tax documents for this operation, which characterizes tax evasion.

When our passengers were “pulled up”, the tone was one of clumsiness and the imposition of numerous unilateral rules. We have capacity for 46 passengers and we only received 20 wristbands and, because of that, we still had to pay the excess amount of R$400. According to Ms. Tábata, Operations Manager, this was the “most desired” bracelet in the city. So the question remains: is this object of desire charged per passenger, per meter of mooring or for the company’s “pirangage”? We were also not given any tax documents for the purchase of the services and products consumed.

When charging the wristbands, done online using card machines, each customer was charged a fee of R$10. In other words, now, for the automation of the bar and restaurant service system used by the company, the consumer must “pay” for the system. An immeasurable opportunism. Is the consumer not being harmed? Is this fee legal? Also, do not ask for a refund for your on-site shipment. Only the payment has to be immediate, while the refund only happens online and after a few days.

With a schedule of musical shows, the place does not respect the code of posture of the municipality or common sense. The sound at high volume goes on until 6 am, violating its own “regulation” and standards, causing noise pollution and inconvenience to the passengers of the vessels. On embarkation and disembarkation, we had to go through the middle of the dance floor, without a specific place for this operation. We also highlight the poor cleanliness of the bathrooms, lack of a sewage treatment station and a policy for collecting and recycling garbage.

The food court was also in debt. There were no promised restaurants like hamburgers and others and drinks were sold at exorbitant prices and served hot. Stateroom promotional combos were not provided. There were also no 24-hour convenience store and mini-drugstore on site. The shirt customization service did not exist and the transfer did not work on the first day. We don’t have concierge service and security was highly truculent, always imposing new rules every day. They did not avoid the consumption of intoxicants on site, which plagued the transfer area.

Unfortunately, the monstrous effort made by patriarch João Pedro Baranda, creator of the venture in the 90s, in partnership with Coca-Cola, is going down the drain. The “pirangagem” is deteriorating the heritage built by a tourist visionary, which is why we cannot remain silent. See Hotel Ariaú, which went bankrupt after mismanagement and interference by its successors. Honestly, Parintins cannot miss this venture due to disorganization and disrespect to customers. We will remain alert and firm in the purpose of defending tourism and its greatest asset, the TOURIST!

For the end of pirangagem in the Kuwait Club in Parintins, Tourism I Believe!

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