Luiz Bacci, secretive, reveals an intimate relationship with the country and takes over once and for all

A little while ago, the journalist of Cidade Alerta, Luiz Bacci, surprised Record by not appearing on the program. Eleandro Passaia, from Balanço Geral Manhã, who commanded the national news and in the SP version.

He did not reveal to the people about his absence on TV, but according to the presenter himself on social networks, the reason was the trip to Dubai, at the last minute, on account of business.

Thus, through Instagram, Luiz Bacci posted some stories about the trip and showed that he traveled first class. Due to the distant trip, he took advantage of the free moment to ask the question box on the social network and answered questions from the people. The question about his marital status appeared, as usual, since it is a great unknown for admirers.

Luiz Bacci surprised with the answer: married. The background image was very serious, however, it is not possible to tell if it was a joke or something serious. It is worth mentioning that the presenter of Cidade Alerta is full of good humor on social networks. Other than that, he was asked if his love lived in the United States, and if that was why Luiz Bacci went there so much. Again, he was curt and blunt and declared: true.

Luiz Bacci at SBT

The artist won a proposal to sign an agreement with none other than Silvio Santos. Thus, the artist is one of the great celebrities of RecordTV and had the request made by the owner of SBT. In the course of chatting with TV Fama, the famous explained everything about it.

Luiz Bacci said that although he has won several investments from the channel, he does not want to leave Record at the moment. It is worth mentioning that before TV dos Bispos, he was already part of SBT and was a success there. However, he went to look for new air at Record and is there until today.

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