Meta will introduce paid version of WhatsApp; know the benefits

Users who are using the beta version of WhatsApp Business You can now check out the new messaging app plan. THE Goal is in the process of developing a paid version of the app, called WhatsApp Premiumwhich is intended for companies and commercial establishments.

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The novelty has been tested by users and already has a series of advantages, such as linking the account on up to 10 devices and creating personalized commercial links. It is important to emphasize that the tool is an option for entrepreneurs. However, as it is in the development process, there is still no forecast for the official release of the feature.

What’s New on WhatsApp

Check out the new releases for the app below:

  • additional mobile device

The app may be given the option to connect a new smartphone to an app account. Until now, it was feasible to link the app on up to four devices simultaneously.

Meta recently announced that it is working on a feature to create polls in groups.

  • Status Reactions in Desktop Beta

The web version of WhatsApp has been testing this tool that enables the user to react to the Status of contacts. All versions of the app will have this feature.

The company Meta, which owns WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, aims to bring to the messenger a configuration similar to that of Instagram. From there, she must perform the identification as soon as her contact has a new and temporary publication through the circle that is around her photo.

  • WhatsApp lets you know who else you chat with in the app

Day after day people exchange messages on WhatsApp. If you’re interested in knowing which contacts you talk to the most, there’s a trick to it.

You can find out by simulating a forwarding of a message, and the contacts you chat with the most will appear from top to bottom. Another way is to use a tool that performs an analysis and is arranged by the application itself.

Check below how to perform these procedures and discover your most frequent contacts.

Simulate sending a photo from the cell phone gallery

1. Open your cell phone’s photo gallery;
2. Select the photo you want;
3. Next, tap the share button;
4. Indicate WhatsApp in the list of applications;
5. The list of frequent contacts and recent conversations will be displayed.

Storage Analysis Tool

1. Open the messenger;
2. Access the “Settings” section;
3. Tap the “Data Usage and Storage” tab;
4. After that, tap on “Storage usage”;
5. A list of all your contacts will be displayed, indicating the space that each conversation occupies on your smartphone.

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