Milan wants Neymar, but has help from PSG

The news that Paris Saint-Germain no longer has Neymar in its squad for the 2022/23 season, published last Tuesday by the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, has fueled Milan’s ambition.

The “Rafael Reis Blog” found that the current Italian champion considers that strengthening himself with the most expensive player in history would bring great technical gains to the Rossoneri’s team and would also send a message that “the giant has returned” to the world football scene.

Despite not having the financial means to pay for a reinforcement of the size of the Brazilian number 10, the San Siro team is betting on PSG’s goodwill to make the deal viable.

According to the report in “El Pais”, the French club is willing to loan the attacking midfielder and continue to pay a considerable part of his salary, as the player has not shown himself the slightest bit interested in a reduction in earnings to facilitate your transfer.

Neymar owns the second highest salary in world football and receives 49 million euros annually from PSG (R$ 268.5 million), not counting bonuses and prizes for achieved goals.

Last season, Milan’s highest paid player was Swedish veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was paid 9.2 million euros (R$ 50.4 million). The club’s entire salary sheet was in the region of 79 million euros (R$ 432.9 million).

Sold about a month ago to the American investment fund RedBird Capital Partners, the Italian champion calculates that he could pay up to “about 15 or 20 million euros” (R$110 million, at most) for Neymar. The rest of the salary would have to be subsidized by PSG, which would continue to own the star’s economic rights.

If he leaves Paris for the red-black of Italy, Neymar will follow in the same footsteps as Ronaldo Fenômeno, Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Kaka. All of them moved to Milan after unpleasant experiences at other clubs on the top shelf of European football.

The shirt 10 has been at PSG since 2017 and has won four of the five editions of the French Championship he has played in. Despite the local hegemony, he was unable to lead the team to the unprecedented conquest of the European Champions League, the number one goal set by the Qatari government, which funds the Parisian project.

Transformed into an idol in Paris as soon as he was hired for 222 million euros (R$ 1.2 billion), an amount never paid by another football player, the Brazilian lost support from the crowd as he accumulated physical and disciplinary problems, which made him that he has missed the team on about half of its commitments in recent years.

The height of discontent came last season. Neymar was pointed out internally as the main responsible for the trio of stars formed by him, Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi not having given the expected result.

The Brazilian’s situation became even more complicated after the renewal of Mbappé’s contract (who believes that there are better options than Neymar to keep him company in attack (and the replacement of Leonardo by the Portuguese Luís Campos in the position of “big boss” in football Parisian.

In addition to Milan, Chelsea and Santos have also expressed interest in having PSG’s number 10. But both heard from Neymar’s staff that he is not leaving the French club and, therefore, there is no possibility of opening negotiations.

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