Nanda Costa and his wife pose with their 8-month-old twins

Nanda Costa and Lan Lanh show their twin daughters and baby cuteness impress

The actress Nanda Costa and his wife, the musician Lan Lanh, filled the social networks with love and affection with a beautiful photo of them together with the twins Tiê and Kim, 8 months old. The babies appeared alongside the smiling moms and delighted the artist’s fans.

Every couple has stories of how their relationship began, with Nanda Costa and your wife is no different! The actress who participated in the Valentine’s Day special, on “Altas Horas”, on TV Globo, aired on June 11.

She surprised everyone by telling the story of how she met Lan. According to her, she had the famous “crush” when she was a teenager. “In 2001, I went to the concert of Cassia Eller and I saw Lan playing. I fell in love right away, but I thought it was a boy. When I found out it was a girl, I had a crisis!” she began.

The two only started a romance in 2014. “The years went by and we only stayed that year. Unknowingly, I moved into the same building she lived in,” explained the artist.

Since then, the two have shared a cute family moment with fans. Recently, the artist delighted fans by showing a tour that the percussionist took with the little ones. In the beautiful record, shared on the profile of Nanda Costathe singer appeared with the babies in front of a flower shop, smelling a sunflower, while carrying the twins’ stroller.

In the caption of the image, the actress melted for the trio: “My bud. Yesterday, today and every day. It is the fruit”, declared the artist who added a heart to highlight the love she feels for her family. The family’s fans and admirers quickly filled the post with several messages of affection for the trio. Many proudly praised the beautiful publication!

Nanda Costa shows cute record of her twin babies and impresses

Instagram reproduction Nanda Costa’s Wife Lan Lanh Shows Cute Click Of Her Twin Babies And Delights

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