Neto criticizes Rger Guedes after missed penalty and uses Willian as an example of attitude

The goalless draw between Corinthians and Boca Juniors continues to be reflected in the media. On Wednesday afternoon, the Corinthians idol and commentator Neto criticized the performance of Róger Guedes in the match and used Willian as an example of dedication to the club.

Róger Guedes, are you going to bow your head at the time of the penalty, brother? Dude, are you going to turn around? Look at the goalkeeper! Score the goal! It’s a disgraceful ‘inhaca’ to play, it looks like it was at the bacchanal. It looks like he cut sugarcane, it looks like he ate a feijoada before the game”, said the former player during the program The Ball Owners.

Shirt 9 misses a penalty in the first half, when it hit the right corner, the same side chosen by the Argentine goalkeeper. Soon after criticizing the striker, Neto “softened” the bid, but demanded better performances from Guedes, citing Willian’s stance as an example.

“You missed the penalty, no problem, but I had to play a little more, I had to dedicate myself a little more… Look what Willian did… Willian, with his shoulder busted, didn’t want to leave, ran like hell, got beat up, he was a monster! Look what João Victor played, for me he was the best man on the field. There’s Cássio, who made the saves, 597 games, in the next game he catches up with Zé Maria, an impressive thing!”

Still on the penalty kick, Neto pointed out technical errors in Guedes’ positioning. In the commentator’s view, if the athlete had his head held high, he could have changed the trajectory of the ball.

“Is defense difficult? No! The goalkeeper has already left, he’s on his left foot, he’s sure he’s going there. Róger Guedes has his head down, he chose the corner and hit. If he raises his head, he’s already on the other side… What Neymar does, what Marcelinho Carioca has always done… But this penalty is a big mistake! It’s a lot of technical error, the ball was almost in the middle of the goal”, he analyzed.

Corinthians and Boca Juniors will face each other again next Tuesday, when they decide the spot in the quarterfinals of Libertadores. The match takes place at 21:30 at Bombonera. In the event of a tie, the decision of who advances will be on penalties.

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