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On Monday (27), a newborn died after being thrown into a pit in the Anjo da Guarda neighborhood, in Timbiras, a municipality located 280 km from São Luís. Relatives of the victim point out that the baby’s own mother is responsible for the crime.

According to the Civil Police of Codó, which is investigating the case, after delivery, the child was thrown into the cesspool of the house where the mother, a 15-year-old girl, lives. Family members also told police that at the time of the crime the young woman was accompanied by her girlfriend, who is of legal age.

Police investigate death of newborn in Timbiras

Police investigate death of newborn in Timbiras

The child was still taken alive by people and taken to the Regional Hospital of Timbiras, but could not resist the injuries and died.

“She had a normal child and they managed to kill this child and throw it into a toilet. I’ve been to the police station several times and the talk is that there is no car in the city, they say they cannot arrest them because there is no evidence”, said Edmilson Silva, the newborn’s grandfather.

At the hospital, health professionals also found that there were marks caused by a stab wound on the child’s neck, back and face.

The baby’s mother’s girlfriend reportedly fled the city of Timbiras for fear of reprisals. The case was forwarded to the Regional Police Station of Codó, where it should be investigated.

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