Novorizontino wins and ends Vasco’s undefeated series in Serie B

It was up to Novorizontino to be Vasco’s first villain in Série B of the Brazilian. With great performance, the team from the interior of São Paulo beat Cruz-Maltino by 2 to 0 – with goals from Jhony Douglas and Douglas Baggio – and ended the 14-game unbeaten run of the Carioca opponent in the competition. In addition, it prevented the São Januário club from reaching their fifth consecutive victory.

Over the weekend, Vasco faces the already considered controversial game against Sport, after all the legal imbroglio with Flamengo and the consortium to be able to book him for Maracanã this Sunday (3). The 65,000 tickets were sold out in just six hours. Novorizontino faces Náutico, in Recife, the day before (2).

Baby is hunted in the field

Main name of Vasco’s team, Nenê was hunted and received many fouls. Novorizontino’s players made a kind of “rodízio” in the experienced midfielder and, at times, tried to intimidate him. Shirt 10 was substituted during the second half for striker Erick’s entry.

The best – Thiago Rodrigues

Xodó of Vasco’s fans, Thiago Rodrigues maintained the level of performance and had another great night. The goalkeeper made at least three important saves, helping Cruz-Maltino a lot to not be on the field with an even greater disadvantage.

The worst – Weverton

Replacing the injured Gabriel Dias, the right-back missed everything he tried. Afterwards, seeming aware of his bad night, he seemed to try to get rid of the ball as he received it.

Novorizontino’s goal after VAR

Novorizontino opened the scoring in the 30th minute of the first half with Jhony Douglas, after 3min25s of VAR conference. The video referee placed lines to know if the player was offside, who concluded for the goal after a “sweep” of the teammate’s head in the corner.

Did you or didn’t you?

Shortly before, Novorizontino had also arrived in an aerial ball play and Thiago Rodrigues made a defense that VAR had to analyze whether the ball had entered fully or not. From the images, it was proved that it was not a goal.

Can not?

Even in the first half, Nenê paraded all his talent with touches of letter and first-class triangulations, being a pass with the face turned to the other side, but the Novorizontino players didn’t like that at all and tried to intimidate him.

Baggio widens free, free

Novorizontino extended the score in the 14th minute of the second half, when Douglas Baggio received a free cross inside the area. He had time to master, aim and kick from the top. Another Basque defensive failure.

Novorizontino’s performance

The team from the interior of São Paulo started the match completely neutralizing Vasco. With a lot of race and application in marking, Tigre didn’t let the opponent create himself. In the offensive part, the team was very offensive in the aerial and lateral plays.

Vasco’s performance

Coach Maurício Sousa decided to change the squad and the tactical formation of a team that came from an unbeaten series and with four consecutive victories, and the choice did not work out. The team did not find itself on the field in practically any moment and even became more vulnerable, since, until then, it was marked by having a solid defense. Before this match, Vasco had only conceded five goals in the competition.

Novorizontino fan wins Vasco shirt


Brazilian Serie B – 15th round
Date and time: June 29, 2022 (Wednesday), at 21:30 (Brasília time)
Place: Jorge Ismael de Biasi, in Novo Horizonte (SP)
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
Auxiliaries: Kléber Lúcio Gil (Fifa/SC) and Éder Alexandre (SC)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (RN)
Yellow cards: Ronaldo and Johnny Douglas (NOV); Quintero, Andrey Santos, Nenê, Maurício Sousa (VAS)
Red card: Anderson Conceição (VAS)
goals: Jhony Douglas, 30 minutes into the first half (NOV); Douglas Baggio, 14 minutes into the second half (NOV)

NOVORIZONTAL: Lucas Frigeri; Danielzinho, Walber, Rodolfo Filemon and Paulinho; Jhony Douglas (Léo Baiano), Gustavo Bochecha (Willean Lepo) and Diego Torres; Ronald (Cléo Silva), Ronaldo (Quirino) and Douglas Baggio. Technician: Rafael Guanaes.

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Weverton (Danilo Boza), Anderson Conceição, Quintero and Edimar; Yuri Lara (Juninho), Andrey Santos and Nenê (Erick); Palácios, Gabriel Pec (Raniel) and Figueiredo. Technician: Mauritius Souza.

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