Number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in Brazil rises to 14 – News

The Ministry of Health confirmed, this Thursday (23), three more cases of monkeypox in Brazil. None of them is from a person with a history of travel to countries where there is an outbreak of the disease. With the new notifications, the country has 14 people infected with the virus.

In a note, the folder reported that the recent cases are three male patients, residents in the city of São Paulo, aged between 24 and 37 years.

“The cases are still under investigation to search for transmission links. The patients are isolated, with a stable clinical condition, without complications and being monitored by the State and Municipal Health Departments”, says the press release.

A 25-year-old resident of Maricá (RJ) is the first case in the country of someone who has not traveled internationally recently. According to information from Fiocruz (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) released on Sunday (19), the man said, however, that he had contact with foreigners.

The confirmed cases of monkeypox are in São Paulo (10), Rio Grande do Sul (2) and Rio de Janeiro (2).

The disease, which is endemic in some African countries, has spread across the world in an unprecedented outbreak – there are more than 3,200 confirmed cases outside the African continent.

This Thursday, the WHO (World Health Organization) called for vigilance and transparency to countries in the face of the scenario involving monkeypox.

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