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Rapper Orochi lives in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca and is accused of letting pitbulls loosereproduction

Published 06/29/2022 15:34 | Updated 06/29/2022 15:36

Rio – In a note sent to the DAY, the rapper Orochi, artistic name of Flávio César Costa de Castro, 23, claims not to be the owner of the Pitbulls who, in the last two years, carried out a series of attacks on residents in a luxury condominium in Joá, in the West Zone. From Rio. Among the victims, who made records at the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca), is actor Cauã Reymond. He reported having been attacked on the night of last Valentine’s Day, alongside his wife and child, a minor. The family dog ​​protected them.

In the statement, the singer states that “the alleged facts are contradictory and will be duly investigated in the judiciary. The dogs are not my property, as in all the alleged episodes of dog escapes I did not have any action or omission that left the dogs escape”. And, he added, suggesting being a victim of discrimination. “Nevertheless, there is a still unexplained intention to attribute to me, perhaps the only young black owner of a property in Joá, the taint of a criminal”.

Labrador suffered several injuries in attack by dogs that would be from Orochi - Disclosure
Labrador suffered multiple injuries in attack by dogs believed to be from OrochiDisclosure

At least four records were made at the police station. Among them, a victim says the dog’s owner said he “didn’t help because he was busy recording his record”. The attack resulted in ten bites of his dog and a bill of R$ 1,200 at the vet. According to the tenants, the house where the dogs reside is owned by the rapper.

In addition to being a singer, Orochi is one of the partners of Mainstreet, the largest rap/trap label in Brazil, which has artists such as Poze do Rodo and Oruam.

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