Petruchio is jealous of Catarina and Serafim

In the next chapters of Globo’s O Cravo e a Rosa, Petruchio will discover that Catarina is pregnant and that she decided to run away from the man after learning that the man took money from Marcela. Irritated by the situation and proximity of Batista’s husband and wife, she will rebel and demand answers from the farmer.

“What is this story about you taking money from Marcela?”, she asks. “Well then, are you going to have to explain to me what this story is about you sleeping with me just to get your mother’s inheritance?”, he will ask. “Are you going to come back to that subject, Petruchio? It was you who proposed a truce!”, she will say. “Yes, a truce, but this time it was worse! I saw you receiving a flower from the journalist Serafim”, he will say.

Catarina will be angry at the accusation. “I already told you that I have nothing to do with journalist Serafim, but you do with Marcela”, says Bianca’s sister. “You don’t fool me, no!”, Petruchio will point out. “It’s you who doesn’t fool me, Petruchio! You’re a bastard!”, she will scream to her husband with tears in her eyes. “You are a brave jaguar!”, he will retort as she threatens to finish off her husband.

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