Quina de São João: 20 employees of a construction company in Cuiabá share the millionaire pool prize and intend to continue in their jobs | Mato Grosso

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The pool on which the group bet was divided into eight shares of R$ 2 thousand each. They bought one of them and earned more than R$2.2 million. The amount was divided among the 20 participantsgetting a little more than BRL 100 thousand for each.

A saleswoman at the store and a representative of the group, who did not want to be identified, told the g1 that, despite the award, everyone wants to stay in the job.

“We will all continue to work and always play the lottery. We played together for more than two years and we always believed that we would win a prize like this one day and this moment arrived. I am very happy, but at the time it was hard to believe. emotions,” he declared.

The award has already been withdrawn by the group this week. The seller said that the money will help her to fulfill her dream of owning a home and balance her financial life.

“I’m going to pay off my recently acquired property, pay off other debts and travel, as I’m going on vacation next month,” he said.

According to the employee, the group of friends has also won prizes at Lotofácil and Mega-Sena, however, the amount won at Quina de São João was the highest to date.

Lottery employees with the winning lottery check in Cuiabá — Photo: Disclosure

Lucky for some, unlucky for others.

Those who weren’t so lucky were the lottery’s owners and employees. where the winning pool was registered in Cuiabá. The team, made up of eight people, said they always buy one of the shares of tickets registered by the agency, but this time they all sold out sooner than expected.

“This time there was no quota left, so we were left out. Even so, we are very happy with the draw and the team is excited to participate in the next ones”, said the owner-partner Ana Lúcia Nunes.

The draw for contest 5,881 was held on the feast of São João de Campina Grande, in Paraíba. The dozens drawn were: 35, 36, 49, 75 and 80.

Another 2,026 games hit the court, worth R$ 7,045.11. Bets with three hits won BRL 87.18 and, with two hits, BRL 3.34.

In Mato Grosso, 16 bets that will receive the prize of the court.

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