Rafael Moura charges Textor for Botafogo’s debt on social network: “Are we going to solve it before more hiring?” | botafogo

Striker Rafael Moura, who played for Botafogo last year in the Serie B title, said he still hasn’t received part of the money from the last three months of work at the club. He exposed the situation on social media and took the opportunity to charge John Textor, a shareholder who owns 90% of SAF.

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– John Textor and other directors who talk about millionaire figures in each interview, are we going to solve the situation of the past before new hires for the second semester? – wrote the attacker, in a post on stories from Instagram.

Rafael Moura, goal Botafogo — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

The attacker said that the salaries correspond to image rights. According to Rafael Moura, Botafogo also did not pay the FGTS for the entire year.

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– Today my post is extremely uncomfortable, but it needs to be done. Botafogo owed the FGTS for the whole year and the last three image rights of the athletes who did not remain for 2022. After seven months of friendly conversations with Durcesio Mello and Jorge Braga, nothing was resolved – he vented.

Rafael Moura participated in 31 matches for Botafogo last year, only one of which was a starter. The striker scored a goal with the club’s shirt.

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The report tries to contact the president of Botafogo, Durcesio Mello, but has not yet received a response.

See the full post:

Rafael Moura reveals Botafogo debt and charges Textor on social network — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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