Ship 7 km below sea level is deepest wreck ever discovered


Image: Victor Vescovo/Social Media/Reproduction

In October 1944, the US Navy was fighting the Japanese Navy in what would become known as the greatest naval battle in contemporary history. The combat in the Philippines, which took place during World War II, was called the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

The battle was divided into four engagements: Battle of the Sulu Sea, Battle of Surigao Strait, Battle of Cabo Engaño, and Battle of Samar. Now, researchers have found one of four American ships that sank during the latter, the Samar.

The USS Samuel B. Roberts, affectionately nicknamed Sammy B, was located at a depth of 6,895 meters. The vessel became the deepest wreck ever discovered.

The ship was photographed during the month of June by a manned submarine from the company Caladan Oceanic, owned by Victor Vescovo. British company EYOS Expeditions is also involved in the discovery.

There were 224 crew members on Sammy B, of whom 89 died in the sinking victims of injuries or a shark attack. The ship was found to be split in half, although it still has parts intact, such as cannons and artillery turrets.

The deepest wreck previously identified was that of the USS Johnston, which sank about 6,500 meters below sea level. The vessel, which also fought in the Leyte clash, was identified last year by Vescovo’s team.

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