‘Students struggle to go to college’, says brother of Dira Paes, who had a video released teaching class with baby in her arms | Pernambuco

After going viral in a video posted by her sister, actress Dira Paes, holding a student’s baby during classprofessor at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) Pedro Paes told g1 who was just trying to help her mother on her first day of school (see video above).

“Every year we have students, especially in this age group, who get pregnant and, despite the legal provision to stay at home for four months, they make an effort to go to college and not miss classes. And then I always hold them in my lap. , because I like children”, he says.

He said he picked up the baby after seeing him start to fidget after breastfeeding. He also said he thought of his mother, who was writing with her right hand and holding the child in her left arm for a long time.

Pedro Paes, brother of actress Dira Paes, teaches with a child in his arms — Photo: Dira Paes/Redes Sociais

“It was a common gesture. Several professors do this, especially at the university. I am not an exception”, he assured. The class that went viral took place last Monday (27).

Pedro, who is 52 years old, has been a university professor since he was 26. He has been at UFPE for a decade, where he teaches exercise physiology in the physical education course.

Since the video went viral, this Wednesday (29), he received messages from several former students remembering similar moments and showing how their babies are today.

“I have a student whose daughter is already big, she must be 7 years old now. And she remembered me after she saw the video,” she recounted.

By posting the recording on social networks, Dira Paes, who plays the character Filó in the soap opera “wetland“, gives TV Globosaid the brother has “an incredible gift” for dealing with children.

“I’m proud of this video of a class of yours, rocking a student’s baby so she can concentrate on the subject with more tranquility and focus”, said the artist.

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