Subscriptions boost video game market to new records

There has been a lot of debate about subscription services, both in the world of video games and in other forms of entertainment.

In movies and series, for example, we have services like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. The same is true in the video game industry, with Microsoft’s Game Pass, Nintendo’s Switch Online and Sony’s PlayStation Plus catapulting the medium to heights never before achieved.

It is certain and known that Microsoft’s initiative with its aggressive Xbox Game Pass, which has evolved over the years, forced the competition to take measures and to do everything possible to improve its offer.

Sony recently revolutionized its PlayStation Plus, which now supports three levels, Essential, Extra and Premium, all of them with distinct benefits.

But let’s get to the data released by DFC Intelligence, thanks to our friends at Gamesindustry. DFC predicts that in 2022 the market for software for consoles and PC will reach values ​​never reached before, breaking all records, being driven by the growth of subscription services.

The market analysis done by DFC points to the software on consoles and PC reaching 72 billion dollars, 5% more than the previous year, which had also been a record.

“One of the main drivers of this growth is not new releases, but the increased use of subscription services from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and others.”

“The console gaming business is expected to receive a third of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo’s software/services revenue from its video game subscription services, Game Pass, Switch Online, and the recently revamped PlayStation Plus.”

“Even with rising prices and the possibility of a recession, the video game industry is expected to continue to grow.”

In their forecasts, the DFC also mentions that even with hardware shortages and the effects of the pandemic, they are still optimistic about the video game industry for consoles and PC.

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