Tickets to Madrid or Barcelona from R$2,899 from several cities!

Cities full of life on the streets, wonderful restaurants, cultural attractions beyond interesting and a peaceful atmosphere, as the holidays demand! So are Spanish destinations like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​where we can find tickets from R$2,899 from Salvador and R$3,040 from São Paulo and more cities!

The lowest value departing from São Paulo is for Aeroméxico flights, with checked baggage included and dates to travel in February of the next year. See all options at the end of the post!

Brazilian tourists can enter Spain if they are fully immunized, with any of the vaccines applied in Brazil. The traveler does not need to present a negative test for boarding, but it is necessary to complete the Spain Travel Health form.

Those of you who follow Melhores Destinos have certainly noticed that the prices of air tickets to Europe have risen a lot in recent months, due to the high dollar, the price of fuel and also the high demand. This is the new reality and, unfortunately, it shouldn’t change anytime soon. Then check out below the best prices we found departing from several Brazilian cities. Or, if you prefer, take advantage of good prices on flexible flights to Madrid.


– The price list is constantly being updated, but prices may change as tickets/packages are sold.

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