USA: Man commits suicide after finding dead son in overheated car

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A man, resident of Virginia (USA), committed suicide after finding his son, one year and six months old, dead inside an overheated car. Local police said he left the baby alone in the car on Tuesday for three hours while he worked. The information is from the G7 portal.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Hensley of the Chesterfield Police, “at some point during the day, the parent who was found dead left the child in the car for a period of time, causing the child to die.”

Afterwards, the man returned to his home with the dead baby and committed suicide.

Also according to local authorities, agents were called to go to the man’s house. He was found in the woods behind his residence with a gunshot wound. “Upon arrival, they (police officers) located people at the entrance with an open door with an empty car seat in the vehicle. Upon entering the residence, they found an 18-month-old dead inside,” he said.

Police continue to investigate the baby’s death and said the investigation is still at a preliminary stage.

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